LG 24-Inch 24MT48N Full HD Personal TV

  • Product Code: LG 24-Inch 24MT48N Full HD Personal TV
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LG 24-Inch 24MT48N Full HD Personal TV

Life has never been this easy and more fun with the LG Personal TV, which gives you the best of times either for work or entertainment purposes. Fully designed to meet your needs and adds a touch of class to how you watch TV.

The LG Personal TV's IPS display boasts top-notch picture quality from all angles, allowing viewers to experience consistent colour from every point of the screen. Its lifelike colours will deliver a completely immersive viewing experience.

You only need one LG Personal TV to watch television and use a computer monitor in your personal space. For heavy Internet users or avid movie fans, they can use it as a personal monitor. For television viewers, they can mount the monitor on a wall to use it as a TV.

Built in stereo speaker enables you to take a sound test without extra speakers.

Users can instantly play digital video express (Divx) content on LG Personal TV just by connecting them with USB. That saves time, effort and money to buy and use a Divx player

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